Gary Tannenbaum
Certified Public Accountant
871 Allwood Road      9128 Cove Point Circle
Clifton, NJ 07012        Boynton Beach, FL 33472
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Saturday, January 19, 2019


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Our Approach Makes a Difference

First and foremost we're corporate advisors who are also experienced accountants. Our mission is to have maximum impact on the business and personal success of our clients.

We focus on developing a close working relationship with our clients in order to deliver objective corporate advice to help guide their businesses in both domestic and international dealings.

We are dedicated to providing creative solutions that really make a difference to our clients.

Naturally, we can also provide standard accounting services and often this includes training clients' internal staff so as to maximize their efficiency.

Our People Also Make a Difference

We have first class professional and support staff, all of whom are highly educated and trained. Our professional staff are members of the American college of Forensic Accountants and the New Jersey Society of CPA's as well as the Florida Institute of CPA's. 

Our firm is dynamic and results-oriented. Our relationship with our clients is a collaborative effort. We offer our clients the kind of comprehensive planning that will allow them to chart the financial course they wish to take. 

Of course we value our clients' need for us to maintain traditional services as well: minimize tax liabilities, build revenue, and cut costs  -- the pursuit of increasing their bottom line. But understand we do much more than traditional services because we recognize that:

"Businesses today demand that their CPA's do much more than the traditional services ..."


About Gary Tannenbaum

Gary Tannenbaum CPA is licensed in the states of New York, New Jersey, Florida and California. He is also a member of the American college of Forensic Accountants and a member of the New Jersey and Florida state society's. Gary is also a Licensed Forensic Accountant and Licensed Financial Advisor. Gary participates in the continuing education requirements of all states he holds a CPA license in. He is currently listed in the well-known registry of WHOS WHO IN AMERICA.


Our Mission Statement:

Our mission is to forge intelligent business alliances with our clients and to look upon them, not as sources of revenues, but as "partners in the pursuit of mutual growth". It is our unyielding goal to always offer our clients a return on their investment in us, greater than the actual costs of our services.


Our Commitment to Quality:

We adhere to a strict guidance to constant re-education. As our growth demands on the service we offer, our need to be on top of the latest in tax law, accounting changes and technology can not be minimized.

Our quality is reflected in the service we provide. Our service is measured by our experience and levels of expertise. This direct correlation makes it imperative that when you invest in our services, you are utilizing the very latest in all arenas of knowledge. We recognize this and eagerly embrace this obligation.


An Emphasis on Service

We have a strong track record of providing expert advice and attentive service. We enjoy an excellent reputation both among our clients and within the our profession.

We do not aspire to be a large company. Rather, we focus on our target market and the development of expert and specialist advisory services pitched to the specific needs of that market.

Our focus on specialist services, catering for the specific needs of our clients, leads to excellence in client service. By adopting this approach since our formation, we have developed a long list of satisfied clients who appreciate a company which pays particular attention to their own unique needs.

We also enjoy a strong connection with other professional companies who offer expert services in areas such as venture capital and finance, stock broking, legal and actuarial advice.



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